2018 United Contemporary, Tracking Maroussi, Toronto, Canada

2015        QueenSpecific, Toronto, Canada

2015        Rumi Gallery, Tapestries, Port Credit, Canada

2014        Peninsula Art Space, to Witness, New York, NY, USA

2013        Rumi Gallery, Matthew Varey, Port Credit, Canada

2012        Rumi Gallery, Bunkers, Port Credit, Canada

2012        Telephone Booth Gallery, Iron Men: Menunkind, Toronto, Canada

2012        Rumi Gallery, Iron Men, Port Credit, Canada

2012        Telephone Booth Gallery, Home, Toronto, Canada

2011        Transit Gallery, Bunker, Hamilton, Canada

2011        Studio 301, Places I have known, Toronto, Canada

2010        Transit Gallery, The Glory of Consciousness, Hamilton, Canada

2010        McGill Public Library, The Inevitable Intrusion of Circumstance II, Burnaby, BC, Canada

2009        McMaster Museum of Art, Building on History, Hamilton, Canada

2009        Nuit Blanche, with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

2009        XEXE Gallery, Bad Weather, Toronto, Canada

2008        Peak Gallery, Iron Men 2, Toronto, Canada

2008        Transit Gallery, Growing Up in Hamilton, Hamilton, Canada

2008        XEXE Gallery, The Inevitable Intrusion of Circumstance, Toronto, Canada

2006        Transit Gallery Lamentation, Hamilton, Canada

2006        XEXE Gallery M-Brane, Toronto, Canada

2005        Transit Gallery Distant Prospects, Hamilton, Canada

2005        Peak Gallery, Iron Men, Toronto, Canada

2004        Transit Gallery Prayer Paintings, Hamilton, Canada

2004        Robert Langen Gallery Blueprints of the Universe, Waterloo, Canada

2003        Transit Gallery Blueprints of the Universe, Hamilton, Canada

2001        Grimsby Public Art Gallery Saturate, Canada

2001        Vain Gallery Blueprints of the Universe, Toronto, Canada

2000        Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2000        Latitude 53 Society Of Artists Details For Our Times, Edmonton, Canada

1999        Artcore Gallery Prima Materia, Toronto, Canada

1998        Floating Gallery Ossuary, Winnipeg, Canada

1997        Del Bello Gallery Bestiary, Toronto, Canada

1996        Gallery 788 Paintings From The Posy Series, Toronto, Canada

1996        Del Bello Gallery Paintings From The Habitat Series, Toronto, Canada

1996        Dofasco Gallery Photo Paintings, Dundas, Canada

1996        Spectator Gallery Elements Of Change, Hamilton, Canada

1995        Mati Gallery Paintings And Constructions, Katerini, Greece

1994        Underground Studios Overview, Hamilton, Canada

1993        Spectator Gallery Smoke, Hamilton, Canada

1993        Justina M. Barnicke Gallery Sculpted Paintings, Toronto, Canada

1992        Arcadia Gallery Three Years Of Industrial Landscapes, Toronto, Canada

1992        Carnegie Gallery New Landscapes, Dundas, Canada

1992        McMaster University Faculty Club Large Photographs, Hamilton, Canada

1992        Hamilton Central Library Posy, Hamilton, Canada

1991        Broadway Gallery Progress, Hamilton, Canada

1991        Dofasco Gallery Depth Of Perception, Dundas, Canada

1991        Hamilton Press Club Planet Series, Hamilton, Canada

1990        Locke Street Gallery New Paintings Sculptures Prints, Hamilton, Canada



2018      Lost Thread, Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, Nelson, BC, Canada

2017        Hard Twist 12, Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada

2016        FIBREWORKS 2016, Cambridge, Canada

2013-5     Art Toronto with Rumi Gallery

2012        Waddington’s First Annual Contemporary Canadian Art Auction, lot 8

2011-2     Art Toronto with Rumi Gallery

2010        G20 Summit with Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto, Canada

2010        Art Toronto with Art Gallery of Ontario Art Rental and Sales Gallery

2009        Art Gallery of Ontario Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Construct, Toronto, Canada

2009        Transit Gallery, 4 Painters, Hamilton, Canada

2009        XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008        Peak Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008        XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2008        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2007        Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2007        XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2007        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2006        Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2006        Arts in the Workplace: Investors Group Exhibition 2006, Toronto, Canada

2006        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2006        XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2005        Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2005        XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2005        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2005        Wellington Gallery, Aurora, Canada

2005        Gallery 401, 553-77 years, Toronto, Canada

2004        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2003        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2002        Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2002        Transit Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

2002        Toronto International Art Fair with Artcore and Buschlen Mowatt Galleries, Canada

2001        Art Miami with Artcore Gallery, Miami USA

2001        Toronto International Art Fair with Artcore and Buschlen Mowatt Galleries

2000        Art Cologne with Artcore Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2000        Artcore Gallery New Media, Toronto, Canada

2000        Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa – Marcel Dzama Marc Seguin and Matthew Varey Canada 3 Perspectives, Venice, Italy

2000        Art Miami with Artcore Gallery, Miami, USA

2000        Toronto International Art Fair with Artcore Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1999        Artcore Gallery, Prima Materia – Michael Adamson and Matthew Varey, Toronto, Canada

1999        Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

1999        Sumice International Photo Exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1999        Artcore Gallery Encore Artcore, Toronto, Canada

1999        Society Of Canadian Artists Countdown To The Millennium, Toronto, Canada

1999        Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1998        Trius Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1998        Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1997        Delon White Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1997        Mati Gallery, Katerini, Greece

1997        Del Bello Gallery Bas-Reliefs, Toronto, Canada

1995-6     Del Bello Gallery Summer’s End Group Show, Toronto, Canada

1995-6     Short Listed, Royal Overseas League Exhibition, London, England

1996        Art Gallery Of Hamilton High Winds On The Skyway, Hamilton, Canada

1995        Burlington Art Centre Juried Exhibition, Burlington, Canada

1995        International Arts Center, Hiroshima, Japan

1995        Del Bello Gallery Group Show Of Gallery Artists, Toronto, Canada

1993        Hamilton And Region Arts Council Offices, Hamilton, Canada

1993        Carnegie GalleryOn The Edge, Dundas, Canada

1993         Dofasco Gallery, Dundas, Canada

1993         The Hamilton Artist's Inc.  Genesis, Hamilton, Canada

1991-3     London Regional Art GalleryJuried Exhibition, London, Canada

1992         Art Gallery of McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

1992         Broadway GalleryOn The Edge, Hamilton, Canada

1992       Hammer GalleryTozman, Hammond, Varey, Hamilton, Canada

1992       Hamilton Creative Arts BuildingCompound, Hamilton, Canada

1992       ZenagogueCompound, Hamilton, Canada

1991       Grant GalleryThree Artists,  Hamilton, Canada

1991       Fieldcote Gallery, Ancaster, Canada

1991       Hamilton Press ClubLocal Works With Photographs, Hamilton, Canada

1991     Go Show, Hamilton, Canada

1991      Art Gallery Of Hamilton  Juried Exhibition, Hamilton, Canada

1990      W.W.T.F. Exhibition, Hamilton, Canada

1990      McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, Canada

1988     Stratford Arts Council, Stratford, Canada


EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, GRANTS AND AWARDS                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

2016    Winner of the CSEA Canadian Art Educator of the Year Award Grades 9-12

2014    Winner of the TDSB Excellence Award

2014     Nominated for the Ted Prize                                                                                                        

2012    Nominated for a McMaster University Alumni Gallery Award

2012     Visiting Artist, Art Gallery of Mississauga

2011/12 Committees at OCAD University, Humber Collage, Sheridan College

2010/12 Presenter at Ontario Art Education Association Conferences in 2010, 2011 and 2012

2011       Worked with Humber College on their Visual Art Diploma Program

2006-8   Visiting Artist, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

2002     Illustrations for on-line and print catalogue Blurr, based in Vancouver, Canada. 

1999      Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation Grant

1998      Visiting Artist - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS

1993-6   Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

1993      Curator - Compound’s Exhibition “Genesis”, Hamilton Artist's Inc.

1993      Member of the Hamilton Artists Inc. Curatorial Committee

1992-3   Co-ordinator of the Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Canada

1992      Curator - Compound’s Exhibition, Hamilton Creative Arts Building    

1992      Curator - Compound’s Exhibition, The Zenagogue Gallery, Hamilton

1992      Visiting Artist - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

1991      Awarded The Juanita Le Barre Symington Scholarship, McMaster University



2018        The Bank of Montreal

2013        The McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Canada

2012        The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Canada

2011        Cenovus Energy, Calgary, Canada

2011        The Donovan Collection, Toronto, Canada

2011        Olga Korper, Toronto, Canada

2010        Bell Canada, Toronto, Canada

2010        Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada

2009        Thier + Curran Architects Inc, Hamilton, Canada

 2009        Miriam Shiell, Toronto, Canada

2004        Collection of Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada

2001        Vancouver Stock Exchange, Vancouver, Canada

2001        McCullough, O’Connor, Irwin, Vancouver, Canada

1997        The Tragically Hip

1997        Farley Mowat

1996        Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, Canada



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